AVESSA Bazaar: About Us


At AVESSA Bazaar, we carefully curate the very best in clothing and accessories for the contemporary woman who outstands from the norm.

Established in 2019, we source garments from different regions around the globe, bringing unique and authentic products from independent fashion designers not available in the US domestic market.

All products we sell are authentic and original pieces from authorized manufacturers.



AVESSA Bazaar was created by global business partners Flávio Iryoda and Igor Sampaio. The two experts from the international fashion and media industry joined forces to co-design the brand with a lot of passion and hard work.

And the dream became true. AVESSA Bazaar was then brought into life to empower and to help women, finding their uniqueness through original and outstanding fashion: the possibility to break the standards and to bring the worldwide fashion to you.

On the other side, we also focus on raising the voice of designers and brands across the globe that do not have a presence into major markets, bringing another dimension into fashion: local fashion and culture translated into global trends and diversity.

We hope our professionally curated products exceeds your expectation and empower you in every challenge you take.